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As the spiritual symbol of the Blessed Virgin Mary nursing the baby Jesus comes to fore, we must also take note of its human significance. She could not have nurtured our Lord, in his infancy, by any other means. Ans therefore, she, being the perfect mother, must have fed her child by breastfeeding, which is the best and most perfect means.

The modern mother has overlooked or altogether thrust aside breastfeeding as the best method of providing food for her baby. It deprives her the privilege and her child is denied the benefit as well.

There could be several reasons for even discouraging breastfeeding in this modern time, onbe of which, is its being old fshioned. Howeever, the Lord has planned it for both mother and child as part of his scheme of love. The baby needs a saecure relationship with his mother and breast feeding provides this. The mother too, needs the relationship for proper fulfillment and for the realization of the proper bond of love with her child.

Breastfeeding is part of God's plan. He planned to give milk to the mother along with the baby. The most normal and correct thing for a mother, in turn, is to provide this milk to her baby. A mother can do herslef and her baby a real disservice by wllfully neglecting this loving role of breastfeeding.




Photo 1
Breastfeeding and nursing mothers in
the nursery of Makati Medical Center